Aventura Florida Wills and Probate Law Firm Overview

Miami and Aventura Florida wills and probate attorney Steven K. Schwartz primarily focuses his practice in the following legal areas:

Florida law protects defendants from multiple lawsuits in wrongful death cases by only allowing the personal representative of the estate to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the surviving family. In order to file a wrongful death suit, the estate must be opened, and a personal representative must be appointed for the estate. A probate lawyer is required to prepare and file necessary documentation to open the estate in probate court, after which letters of administration will be issued to the personal representative.

Miami wills attorney Steven K. Schwartz works with personal injury lawyers to assist clients in managing estates in wrongful death cases. In a wrongful death case there is a two part recovery:

  1. Recovery for the Estate
  2. Recovery for Beneficiaries

How the award is apportioned from a wrongful death recovery will be determined by the personal representative, and the amount that goes into the estate can be minimized. It is best to arrange for the case to be tried in such a way that it benefits the surviving family and does not become subject to anyone’s challenge. There are many factors to consider, such as the fact that a lien from Medicaid will be paid out of the estate, not out of the money apportioned to beneficiaries.

Working with Personal Injury Lawyers

Our Miami wills and probate law firm works in connection with personal injury lawyers when personal injury claims are probate-able assets of the estate. Litigation should occur in a manner to maximize compensation/assets received by beneficiaries so as to benefit the family, the personal injury case and the probate administration of the estate.

Miami Wills and Probate Attorney, Steven K. Schwartz, previously worked as an insurance defense attorney and has a working knowledge of insurance companies’ handling of claims, which can also be very useful in coordinating legal actions for probate-able personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Client Attorney Relationships

Our Miami law firm believes that clients should understand the legal issues involved when making decisions that have a significant effect on their lives. This is why we take the time to explain legal facts relevant to your situation and make sure you are aware of all options and possible repercussions of the choices you make. We look out for your best interests and advise in a manner that saves costs and protects your assets.

Arrange a Consultation

Speaking with a wills and probate lawyer is only an email or phone call away. Proximity is not a factor in representing cases involving estates, and our firm provides legal advice and representation to clients all over the country regarding Florida matters.

  • If you are a personal injury lawyer who needs a probate attorney to work with a surviving family for estate management in a wrongful death claim or a probate-able personal injury claim, please contact our office by email or call us at (305) 936-8844 to arrange a consultation or to refer a wrongful death case to our law firm.
  • If you are a family member or senior citizen in need of assistance regarding estate planning, probate, guardianships, advance directives, wills, trusts or related litigation, our office looks forward to the opportunity of working with you. Please contact us.
  • We also welcome local clients and provide legal services for general litigation and contracts.